3 Ways To Stress Less (And Be More Mindful) During The Holidays

Things get a little crazy around the holidays right? Shopping, cooking and family gatherings. Which means mucho crunch time aka STRESS-FEST! You stress about the things you can’t control. And the things you can control. And the things you haven’t imagined yet. And every freakin worst-case scenario out there. I know I’m not the only mama out there who feels like this because when I ask my mamas in my ModZen Mama community, holiday time always stirs some sort of stress. Here is the double-edged sword with stress. All we want during the holidays is to have fun with our loved ones, laugh and make special memories. But feeling stressed prevents you from sharing beautiful moments with your family.

Holiday Craft: Pinecone Christmas Trees

This is a fun activity for all family members...we even got Papa involved! Isha and I collected a bag of pine cones to make mini Christmas trees to use as fun decorations and to hand out to friends for the holidays. What you will need: - Pinecones - Green Paint - Crayola self-drying clay (similar to plaster of paris, but easier and cleaner!- Yay Crayola!) - Glitter glue, various colors - Items for ornament decoration (glitter pipe-cleaners, beads, etc. ) 1. Go for a nature walk and collect a bunch of pinecones with your little one. 2. Paint each of the pinecones green. I have to admit, this was harder than I thought, and I had to help Isha actually paint each of the pinecone pieces individua

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