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Introducing Maternity & Nursing Indian Apparel: Janam Maternity!​

model: Dina

First of all ladies, how genius is this idea?! Great job Parul! This is something Indian women have been struggling with for ages! I remember when I was a new mom at my brother’s wedding, so super uncomfortable in my saris, I would have given anything for one of these expandable petticoats or nursing blouses.

Parul began this journey in late 2013, by taking her first sewing lesson, with the intent of creating a Maternity Sari that was not only comfortable, but more flattering to a woman's pregnant figure. Three years later, she has developed at least seven tried and tested Maternity & Nursing Indian garments, as well as The Two-Step Sari, which takes the pre-stitched sari to a whole new level.

Parul has split her business into 3 different functions and objectives:

  1. Maternity Saris (Pre-pleated petticoats that are expandable- finally, you can take a deep breath)

  2. Nursing Apparel (YAY for nursing blouses!)

  3. Two-step Sari (Pre-pleated sari that you just pull on like a skirt- Amen sister!)

“At JANAM, we want you to experience the most comfortable, stylish Indian garment you never thought was possible. With the Two-Step Sari*, we want to bring ease and comfort to wearing a sari to women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. We truly believe that you will never go back to wearing a traditional sari after wearing ours.“ - Parul D.

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For more information on how to buy these amazing products visit:


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